Exchange Rules

Exchange Rules:

  1. No torn, broken or folded stamps
  2. All stamps must be soaked and free of any paper
  3. The stamps must have no broken perforations
  4. I accept only British Commonwealth stamps for British Commonwealth stamps
  5. I accept fine used, mint, CTO, small and large
  6. A minimum of 50 stamps per exchange please
  7. If you do not have stamps to exchange you can buy them for £0.05 each plus postage costs £1.00 for Europe and £1.30 for the rest of the world.
  8. Please see the stamps by Country or  Theme, Then note the country page number (if there is more than one page), the row number and the stamp position in the row.

All exchange and purchase requests are to be emailed to for mutual agreement, thank you.


2 thoughts on “Exchange Rules”

  1. Hello Rob, I am very interested in Swapping with you. I have numerous Albums for Swap on my Facebook Profile. I would like to know what your interests are for Swapping. I await your reply, regards Brian.


    1. Hi Brian,
      Thank you for getting in touch with me. I would like to exchange stamps with you to but only with scans. in that way I get what I need and you get what you need.
      My interests are in the following order. British Commonwealth, orchids and roses and then the rest of the world.
      As I am sill building my website is there any particular interest you have so that I can prepare the scans for you.
      Kind regards. Rob


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